Posted by paperiogames on Feb 09, 2018 is essentially multiplayer snake. Players begin as small snakes, and they must eat food to grow. Larger snakes have an easier time trapping smaller ones and making them disappear. When an enemy snake gets trapped, it will become food for others. The simplicity of makes it a great choice for quick, fun multiplayer gaming when bored. Plus, a broad selection of neon-colored skins results in eye-catching, pleasing graphics.
Enjoy is one of the best .io games at


Paperio games

If you are interested in computer games, then you would have probably heard of This game has become a very popular game among millions of gamers. It is a very simple game which makes it easy to download and play. This snake games which is particularly notable for the colorful skins and the bright interface which is unlike other games interface. This is the reason why the Slitherio is so popular today. Enjoy this game at

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