5 ways to organize and improve your garage

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People take great pride in their homes. Whether it be the newly fitted bathroom, the freshly decorated lounge or the modern kitchen that has just gone in and always smells of freshly baked bread, we love showing off the rooms of our houses to both visitors and the world via social media.

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All except one room that is – the garage. The garage is the room we like to pretend doesn’t exist. When have you ever gone to an acquaintances house for the first time and heard them say, “You really have to see my garage”?

The original purpose of the garage was a place to store vehicles. The Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy carried out a survey in 2005 which revealed that 63% of all homes in America have a garage or carport. A later survey from 2015 found that around one in four American’s couldn’t use their garage to store a vehicle as it was too cluttered.

Are you one of those people for whom the garage is a source of embarrassment? Do you wish there was a way to make room in there so it that it could serve its actual purpose of keeping your vehicle safe?

Here are five ways to improve your garage.

Divide your garage into zones

Rather than chucking the golf clubs into the same pile as the gardening equipment and the toolbox, set aside specific zones for each pastime. Sports equipment in one area, tools in another area and set aside place for anything to do with the upkeep of the garden. Not only will that declutter the garage, but it will also help you know exactly where to look when you need that hex key.

Fix items to the walls

Garden equipment, in particular, takes up a lot of space when left on the floor. With a few pieces of wood and a saw, you can build a simple tool rack to fix on the wall of your garage and get that equipment up and out of the way. Even a simple pegboard can be suitable for smaller tools.

Throw away waste

Much of the clutter in our garages is made up of items we’ve thrown in there as there is nowhere else for them to go and we don’t want to throw them away. Have a real sort through of everything in your garage. Do you need those Christmas decorations from 2005? If you can’t think of a good reason for keeping them, throw them away. Or if they might still have some use for someone, sell them online, and you can earn money through the decluttering process.

Install an automated garage door

How many of us don’t park our vehicles in the garage because we can’t be bothered to go through the effort of getting out the car, opening the garage door, getting back in the car, driving into the garage, getting back out the car and shutting the garage door? Eliminate all that effort with a garagedooropenersystem.net to take the garage back for its original purpose.

Don’t worry about it – the garage won’t exist in a decade

Or you could just not worry about it at all as the garage might not exist in a decade. With ride sharing, bike sharing, public transport and driverless vehicles, cars may not be parking in garages in the future, leaving the space they currently occupy to be taken up by a more traditional room for the house. One that we won’t hide away in embarrassment.

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