Creating Your Own Crafting Room

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If crafts are your passion, you’ve probably thought how wonderful it would be to have your own crafting room. You could have all your equipment and materials neatly stored ready to use, a desk for working on, peace and quiet, and the safety of being able to shut your creations away from inquisitive pets and children. It sounds like a dream, and if you’re short of space or imagine it would cost too much to achieve, you might think it’s just a pipe dream. Well, there are ways to turn this fantasy into a reality with a bit of clever thinking and some hard work.

Step 1

Where can you have a craft room?

If your home is too small for you to have your own room, there are a variety of options which could work for you.

• If you have one room that is a little bigger, you could section an area off to make a craft space. Use curtains, blinds or room dividers to define the space and keep it secure and quiet.

• If you have access to a shed or garage that is not fully utilized, you could have it lined to improve the insulation and heat retention and convert it into a crafting area.

• If you have an attic, you could put down roof boards, line the inside and make this your crafting area. It doesn’t have to be a complete conversion, as long as it’s safe, warm and dry, and well-equipped with lights and power sockets.

• Rent a storage unit that has power and lighting. Not quite as convenient in one way as you’ll have to make a special journey, but units are ideal for setting up a crafting room and can be rented reasonably cheaply.

Clearing the space

Wherever you decide to set up your craft room (unless it’s in a storage unit, which should be empty when you rent it!), there will be furniture and possessions of various kinds which you will need to rehome. You need to look at what you’ve removed from the space and decide what you would like to do with it. You might want to reallocate some pieces of furniture to other parts of the house or re-use them in the craft room if they look appropriate. It’s a chance to have a bit of a clear out too, so gather together all the items you find that you don’t want or never use. If you don’t want to be bothered with selling what you’ve gathered together, you could donate the whole collection to charity, and they can either sell the items to make money for the cause or safely and responsibly dispose of anything that wouldn’t sell. If you have a lot of items to dispose of or some large pieces of furniture, for example, contact local moving companies to see if they would be able to take everything away for a moderate fee.

Décor and storage

It’s your space so go wild if you want to. Paler colors are more conducive to good light conditions and will probably work better than dark shades, but if your heart is set on a dungeon theme, paint the room black and get some excellent lighting set up so you can see properly when you’re working. Crafters in every specialty tend to amass copious quantities of materials that can easily become messy and hard to find. The ingenious storage solutions featured on many websites and social media sources are easily found by searching online. Crafters are very good at sharing all their clever ideas and are usually very ingenious when it comes to thinking up ways of recycling old rubbish into storage containers or arranging everything in drawers, so all their items are visible straight away. Have a browse for some inspirational ideas, of which you will find plenty. You’ll probably find all this preparation is rather enjoyable, as it gives you the chance to get creative and practice your art on the decoration of your space.


Natural light is the best for working in if you can get it, so position your desk to make the most of any light that is coming in. If you are converting a shed or garage see if you can put a window in to get some natural light, which may be possible without too much difficulty or expense in some instances. If you are a dab hand at DIY as well as crafts you can do this yourself, but if not have a local handyman or builder take a look and advise you on what’s possible. If you can’t, ensure you fit the best artificial lighting for working under, and have work lamps set up on your desk for intricate tasks.


If you can, have the room uncarpeted in case of spills and to make it easier to keep swept and clean. Tiles and laminate make good, hardwearing flooring that will be easy to keep clean and will be fairly impervious to anything dropped on them. Use clear jars for all your small items so you can easily identify them by sight, and store your least used supplies on the highest shelves so that your most often used items are readily at hand. The better organized your storage, the more room you will have to work and store your supplies. It will enable you to maximize the room available, for example, your chair could be one that doubles up as a stepladder. You can find ideas for clever ways to save space on the Internet, so if you’re faced with a tricky storage problem go online, and you’ll almost certainly find a solution.

Having your own crafting room will make the pursuit of your pastime far more enjoyable and relaxing. It will be worth the investment of time and effort to create your own space, and completing projects will be far easier if you have your own area to work in. Even if you don’t think you have the room, just take a tour around and see if there is a spot anywhere, however unpromising, that you could transform into a haven for your crafting.

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