Creative Surprise Parties For Friends

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Organizing a surprise party for someone you deeply care about - whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or a welcome back shindig - is exciting, nerve-wracking, and fun. Keeping the secret, sending clandestine messages to guests so that the party is not discovered, is one of the biggest parts of the challenge of planning such an event. The other side is the event itself, of course, and if you’re concerned that a traditional drinks and party poppers kind of gathering isn’t going to cut the mustard and show how much your friend means to you, then it’s a good idea to consult the tips below on how to create a unique surprise party that’ll blow them away.

Step 1

Make a Game of it

Games with friends is one of life’s most simple and effective ways of guaranteeing yourself a good time, tapping into your playful child-like side while being a great platform for banter, laughter and all-out mayhem - dependent, somewhat, on the amount of alcohol consumed. If you want to do something uniquely engaging with your friend for their surprise party, why not construct a murder mystery that’ll take place in the venue and in which all guests participate?

Alternatively, you’ve got an incredibly well-themed and intricately-designed mystery in the Cincinnati Escape Game, which asks participants to unlock the clues to a grand puzzle in which the murderer can be trapped, provided you come up with the right answers. This fun and thrilling party idea will suit anyone with a curious mind and a love of all things wacky and weird, so bear it in mind if this chimes with your friend.

Build Something

Letting everyone’s creative juices flow at a party means collaborative enjoyment spread across a large group in pursuit of the same goal. If your friend enjoys a creative spurt and relishes the chance to construct things, you should plan a party that plays towards this passion. Gather up the materials and tools, and inform friends that they ought to bring whatever they can to help make whatever it is you plan on making.

One of the best examples of a day-long construction project is to construct a raft or boat out of barrels, timber, and other odds and ends, which you can take to the local waters atop. It’s best to do the construction on the banks of the lake for this one, of course. Tree houses, vegetable allotments, bunk beds, and even a three-piece suite for those ambitious enough are all good ideas for a party that involves getting hands-on with a lot of fun materials.

Make a Song

Ramping up the secretive nature of your surprise party plans, if you exist in a particularly talented group of musicians - or even just someone who can bang a drum or shake a maraca - then it’s almost your obligation to get rehearsing for a rendition. This will be incredibly appreciated, and probably fairly emotional, for the pal you’re planning to surprise.

Variations on the classic ‘happy birthday’ songs are a good place to start, although if you can manage to cover your friend’s favorite song of the moment, your playing it to them as a surprise will live on in their memory forever and will enshrine those that play it in a special place in their heart. Be creative and inclusive and bring joy through music to the party, encouraging a jam-type musical shindig that’ll go on until the early hours in fine spirits and melodious sounds. For extra effect and to immortalize the memories forever, why not make a recording - either with your own equipment, or in a booked studio - so that alongside the surprise party, you’ve got a CD to give your pal with all their friends on the credits.

Prepare a Feast

Food is the great leveler, and eating together has for centuries been one of the samples of human contact, trust, and friendship. So getting your party-organizing friends to work on a huge and sumptuous feast to surprise your friend with will go down a treat and will set the scene for a jovial and merry gathering in the spirit of good food and better company.

If you’re going to the effort to make a feast, you should think about creating an overall theme for the evening. Curries beckon a Bollywood theme; Middle Eastern cuisine will usher in an Arabian Night, while a Mexican menu will encourage some Latino vibes. In any case, getting costumed up, selecting a fun and topical playlist, and letting the good times roll in the form of a fully fleshed-out theme is exactly the sort of party that’ll live long in the memory. Just make sure you’ve prepared a costume for the guest of honor!

Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Your friend comes in from work on the evening of your planned surprise party to find a letter on the floor inside, directing them to the next clue. Across town, or at least in their immediate neighborhood, you’ll have prepared a series of fun and abstract clues as to where they must go in order to solve a strange mystery. They may latch on to the fact that this is a surprise party, but the enjoyment of having to work slightly to get there - perhaps even being spied by the cohort of organizers from behind cars and bushes - will make it all the more worthwhile.

Once again, your options for creating a theme around the clues is infinite. If you’re all to end up in a jazz bar, why not go for a prohibition America theme, with old-style lettering and wording that gives additional clues as to the whereabouts of the final destination. Of course, you might just want the friend in question to end up at your house, where you’ve meticulously put out all the decorations for a memorable and happy party.Just ensure they get there, by giving them a big enough helping hand via the clues to direct them cheekily to your door.

Add an extra layer to your friend’s surprise party by thinking outside of the box with the help of your pals to create an event more meaningful and thoughtful than your friend could ever have hoped for. They’ll always cherish the hard work and effort you put in, and will love whatever personality you’ve injected into proceedings.

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