Planning and Cooking the Perfect Barbeque

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With warmer weather on its way, it will soon be time to dust off the barbeque and get ready for the summer parties. However, running a successful barbeque event is more than just throwing some meat on the grill and hoping for the best. If you want to do it right, you will need to organize in advance. Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect barbeque.

Step 1

Buying the Food

If you are having a lot of people around for your barbeque, then you will need to make sure you buy all the food and condiments you need. You need to write a list of the food you will be cooking so that you know what ingredients you need to buy. You can buy handy things such as condiments in advance. However, you will need to check any that you still have to make sure they are still good to use. You want the meat and fish to be as fresh as possible, to it is best to buy this only a day or so in advance of the event.

Prep in Advance

Before the big day, you should be prepping some of the food so that you don’t have to do it all on the day. If you have a marinade for the meat and fish, then this should have at least overnight to work before you cook it. Other things such as salads and pasta can also be made the day before and chilled ready to go. There are some dishes that you can cook in the slow cooker that will be ready in time for the barbeque; you can find many such recipes on sites like

Have a Plan B

You can never truly tell what will happen on the day, check the weather, to make sure that it will be a fine day. If it is looking like it might not be, then have another plan ready just in case. It might mean that you cook everything in the kitchen and eat inside, or you can still cook on the barbeque if you have a covered area and bring the food inside to eat.

On the Day

When the day arrives, lay out all the food and nibbles on plates and cover them before people arrive. You should also have a separate condiment table for people to add sauces as they want. The meat and fish should be kept in the fridge until they are needed, it is important to cook a variety of things at one time, so everyone has something they like. It is also a good idea to have dedicated areas on the barbeque for the fish, meat, and vegetables so that they are not contaminated by each other. It could be especially important to vegetarians or those that don’t like meat.

With preparation and pre-prepping some of the food, you can have everything ready for the big day. Then you can concentrate on the barbeque while your guests have an enjoyable time.

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