Surprising Ways Creativity Transforms Your Wellbeing

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Creativity is known to be beneficial to your mental health and general wellbeing. It can be in any form such as art, crafts, writing or photography as each offers you a space to let the mind relax and focus on calming and enjoyable things. Being creative has super benefits for your wellbeing but also has other interesting effects on looking deeper into everyday situations and handling issues in a focused manner.

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Appreciating the beauty around you and experiencing different things, can also take you on a path to self-enlightenment, which has both positive effects on you and the people surrounding you.

Check out some of the surprising ways in which releasing your creativity can transform your wellbeing and mental health.

The science behind creativity

There is often talk of the chemicals released by the brain when we do something enjoyable. These chemicals, particularly the feel-good hormone dopamine are released and effectively reduce the level of cortisol or stress hormone in your body. When we do things we enjoy or that keep us calm such as mediation, painting or crafts, these levels rise which has great effects such as lowering heart rate, reducing anxiety and boosting your mental health. Just small steps can help you achieve this Zen state so taking up a new hobby or making time for yourself could see you reap the benefits in the long term.

Getting creative

To get your creative juices flowing, you don’t need that much to get started. Exploring what you love is really affordable and can open up a new skill or talent you never knew you had. Similar to taking a chance on your favorite team on Unibet, you have to take the leap to explore new avenues in your life. As adults, we sometimes lose that sense of playfulness and thinking outside the box, as pressures of everyday life and stress take over. Now’s the time to get that area of your life back and begin to explore a whole new side of your personality to release that creativity.

Ways to get creative

There are some simple ways to explore your talents and start enjoying this new, calmer mindset. Take a look at some of the top ways to be creative and just go with the flow, as no one is an expert when they first start out.

  • Drawing – Find something that inspires you, this could be a place, a person or an object and just draw what you see. This can be an interpretation of the object or your view of it beyond its physical state.


  • Writing – Putting pen to paper is something that can help bring your emotions to the surface. Writing helps to release everything you love about the subject. Take it back to smells, feelings, colors and sounds that surrounded you that day to open up the imagination and stimulate those happy brain chemicals.

Creativity comes in many forms and helps to inspire people on a daily basis. Explore your hidden talents and open up a new world of creative possibilities.

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